Lois and Gary C.

April 19, 2018

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I would like you to know that the Realty team of AnaMarie Rigo and Tara Winchell are the best realtors that we have ever used.

  • This is the 7th home which we have sold. It is the third home which we have sold in Arizona.
  • We first met AnaMarie and Tara when a friend of ours was selling their home. We invited them to our home to see what it might sell for.
  • When we finished with our meeting they said that they would stay in touch with us by email, which they did for over 1 year.
  • When we finally made the decision to sell. They were very professional in providing us with information which we needed to get started with them.

1). They helped us to stage our home.

2). They provided boxes for us to start to pack up items which needed to be removed to stage our home properly

3).  This has to have been one of the least stressful periods of selling our home that we have ever experienced, in comparison to previous sales. When we needed information regarding a showing, both provided us with answers as well as positive insight into the showing.

4). When an offer was made they provided us with quality information so that we could make a sound decision regarding the offer.

Both AnaMarie and Tara are professionals in the Real Estate business.  They work very hard for you. What distinguishes them from other agents is that they CARE ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOUR NEEDS ARE.  They are students of their profession and work extremely hard to overcome many of the obstacles which can prevent a sale from happening.

I wish that more agents would take the time to try to correct mistakes they make. To me, other agents are more interested in making money than in caring about you, the homeowner.

Finally we can not  say enough about these two Real Estate agents. It has been our pleasure to work with them. If we had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 we would give them a score of 10 because they are the best.


Lois and Gary